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 How do I apply?

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How do I apply? Empty
PostSubject: How do I apply?   How do I apply? Empty12.07.09 17:30

It's obvious you want to join our guild. But before we get to that stage, we want to get to know about you, your RO experience, your gameplay and quite some things more. Therefore we got a list of questions you got to answer. Please take your time to fill these out. They are for your own good.

Questions regarding to your answers will be asked after this. Getting questions isn't a bad thing, it's just to get more information.

You've to make a new Thread for your application in our Guild Forums.

Write your Character name into the topic!

Personal Questions:

Answer the following questions

What is your age?
How is your activity?
What country do you live in?
Do you have a microphone?
Do you have access to Vent?
Which WoEs are you able to attend to?
What languages are you able to speak?
In what timezone do you live? (example: gmt +1)
How would you like to get called, if you got accepted?
How is your ability to follow orders? Even if they arent making sense at first view?

Ingame Questions:

The Character

Fill in the following list

Character Class:
Character Name:
Your current base- and joblevel:
Purpose (describe the role of your character):

The Current Build

Post a screenshot of your current equipment.
Your current equipment:

Post a screenshot of your stats.
Your current stats:

Post a screenshot of your skilltree.
Your skilltree (explain certain trade offs):

Guild History

Answer the following questions

What role did you have there?
On EternityRO, in which guilds did you play?
Why did you leave your former Guilds and when?


Answer the following questions

What was your task?
What class did you play?
Are you able to use /battlemode?

example: How do I apply? 9k475c

Describe your WoE experience briefly:
Have you ever played WoE with a well organized guild?
If you are a supporter, do you play with the parywindow/battlelog?


Answer the following questions

Do you MVP?
Do you like MVPing?
What classes do you have to offer?
Are you an organisor or a recruit type of person?

Game Questions:

Answer the following questions

What is your focus in RO?
What are your occupations in RO?

Why you?

Answer the following questions

Why should we invite you?
Why do you wanna join us?
What separates you from other players?
Do you know people in NENAVIST? And who?*

*People listed here, please write your opinion and experience with this person.

How do I apply? 2ujkp3q
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How do I apply?
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